At the beginning of April, the new classic hummus of the Gourmet Club arrived in stores, which differs from many competitors in its authentic taste, texture and composition. Classic hummus is made with olive oil!

Why eat hummus?
Did you know that hummus is high in fiber, protein, B-vitamin, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and potassium? Studies show that people who consume hummus regularly have better blood sugar and lower cholesterol. Hummus also helps maintain digestion and, due to its low calorie content, is also on the menu for weight loss.

How to eat hummus?
Estonians use hummus the most as a sauce next to vegetables or bread crumbs, but different national cuisines use it in many ways. Hummus tastes good in pasta sauce, salads and bowls, next to meat and fish dishes or as a marinade, between sandwiches, pita and burgers, between pies, wraps and tortillas, for making risotto, for seasoning cooked rice, quinoa, lentils or buckwheat. Gourmets also use hummus in mashed potatoes, between pancakes, in a vegetable stew as a sauce and as a healthy ingredient in chocolate brownies.

The classic hummus is available at a discounted price of the new product in April in Coop stores and in May in Selver stores.